Mark has been expressing himself.

This website exhibits the photographic work of Mark Hussein. Mark has been expressing himself with photography and writing for over fifty years emphasizing his commitment to recording and preserving the natural environment. Influenced by the French Impressionists and the great 20th Century American black & white photographers, Mark's images convey the simplicity of place, time, and mood.

Sometimes I see the image as a 'straight photograph', sometimes as an 'impressionist painting'. In either case, I'm not interested in creating a photograph that has a lot of manipulation. If the composition and light are right, the image will stand on its own.

Mark's work was selected for presentation in 'World In Focus', an exhibition of photography designed to expand awareness of the world's endangered environments and cultures. Mark teaches digital photography through Puget Sound Educational Service District's Digital Boot Camp on Mt. Rainier as well as through the CIC Program at the Seattle Aquarium and exhibits his work in art shows in Western Washington.

Mark uses Nikon film cameras exclusively, except for occasionally lugging out the antique Crown Graphic 4 X 5 view camera, and has recently switched over to the digital world with a Nikon D2X and Epson large format printer.

The digital world has allowed me the freedom to once again control the whole photographic process from image capture to final print. What used to take hours perfecting in the darkroom can now be done in a fraction of the time in the digital light room. But, regardless of whether I'm shooting film or digital, I'm still a perfectionist when it comes to the final print.