Paper & Ink:
All of Mark’s photographic images are printed with an Epson Pro 4800 giclee printer using Epson Ultra Chrome K3 archival inks on three types of archival papers: Velvet Fine Art (100% cotton rag, acid free, matte finish giving a museum quality look and feel.), Premium Luster (high resolution, resin based, rivaling traditional silver-halide prints for "glossy photograph look") and Enhanced Matte (high resolution flat matte finish for the softer look and feel). The archival inks and papers are rated fade resistant for over 100 years when the print is framed behind glass.

All prints are from an original master photograph or a digital master image created by Mark Hussein. The digital image is then sent to the giclee printer (Giclee – pronounced zhee-clay – is French meaning “spraying of ink”) where it is transferred to the fine art paper with pigment based ink. I do all my own printing in house to insure exact reproduction of the original image.

Matting & Framing:
All of the photographic images on the website are viewed with a surrounding white background. However, I do not want to presume that this would look just right hung in the location where you want to view it. Therefore, I leave the matting and framing up to your expert eye; you know what fits best in your home or office.

All prints are limited edition, signed, and dated. Only 20 copies will be made of any photograph in print. Prints are limited to 12 x 18 or 6 x 9 inches. If you require a custom size for your display location, please contact Mark for price consultation. Prices are in US dollars only. Size (in inches)

All sizes are approximate. The actual image may be slightly smaller or larger than the indicated size.

Paper Types/Sizes
Velvet Fine Art
12 x 18   -   6 x 9
$200   -   NA

Premium Luster
12 x 18   -   6 x 9
$150   -   $75

Enhanced Matte
12 x 18   -   6 x 9
$150   -   $75